What is the Children’s Bill of Rights in Texas? [2023]

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In Texas, there is something called the “Children’s Bill of Rights.” Unless you have been through a divorce or custody dispute, you probably haven’t even heard of this before. The Children’s Bill of Rights is basically a list of rules that parents and other adults are supposed to follow in an effort to protect children who are living under two roofs. It’s designed to keep children front and center during a difficult process. Here’s what you need to know about the Children’s Bill of Rights in Texas.

What is the Children’s Bill of Rights in Texas?

The Texas Children’s Bill of Rights is a numbered list of 31 rules or guidelines. Each one is designed to protect a child’s well-being and preserve their relationship with both parents. Simply put, it’s supposed to prevent children from getting caught in the middle of their parent’s drama and live happy lives in two homes. Parents are encouraged to share the Bill of Rights with grandparents, caregivers and other adults who are regularly in the child’s life.

What are some of the highlights of the Children’s Bill of Rights in Texas?

Think of the Children’s Bill of Rights in Texas as a list of do’s and don’ts for separated parents. There are several overarching themes including:
* Don’t undermine or badmouth the other parent;
* Do allow the child to receive communications from the other parent;
* Don’t manipulate the child;
* Do allow the child to display photographs of the other side of the family;
* Don’t let the child hear arguments, negotiations or legal business;
* Do acknowledge to the child that he or she has two homes.

To read the Children’s Bill of Rights in Texas, go here.

What happens if a parent violates the Children’s Bill of Rights in Texas?

If the Children’s Bill of Rights is part of your divorcee decree or child custody proceedings, the judge can impose penalties for those who intentionally ignore or violate the Children’s Bill of Rights in Texas. Speak to a family law attorney to find out if this is an avenue that may be pursued in your case.

Who created the Texas Children's Bill of Rights?

The Texas legislature created the Texas Children's Bill of Rights to ensure that the children are the number one priority in his state and that parents are educated regarding their duties under the law as the primary protectors of their children.

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