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We know that going through a divorce or family law matter can be one of the most trying times in your life. We’re here to help.

At Varghese Summersett Family Law Group, we measure our success by yours. We’re known for being tenacious – both in and outside of the courtroom. We have a proven track record of success in the wide array of cases that fall under the family law umbrella including:

  • Amicable and contentious child custody cases
  • Amicable and contentious divorces
  • Asset division in complex cases inducing multiple revenue streams, business assets, retirement accounts, and real estate.
  • Business valuations
  • Division of debts
  • Spousal support and maintenance
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

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We are located on the 16th floor of the One City Place Building in downtown Fort Worth.

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Every case begins with an initial consultation. We know we are discussing the most critical matters in your life, and we will hear you out. The best possible representation begins with an understanding of who you are and what you hope to accomplish.


Once we have both decided that your goals will be best achieved by working with us, we begin working on your case. This includes gathering documentation and evidence while filing the proper motions to reach your goals. As with every stage of our representation, we are always available to answer your questions.


We leverage the strength of our pleadings and evidence to achieve the outcome you desire through the negotiation process. There are cases where negotiations, mediations, or a collaborative approach can get us where we want to be without the added costs associated with a trial.


In cases where formal discovery, hearings, or a trial becomes necessary, you can rest assured that you have a team of attorneys who are adept at going to war in court.

Benson Varghese

Benson Varghese

Turner Thornton is a Fort Worth Divorce and Family Lawyer.

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