How to Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce [8 Tips]
28 November 2022 by Turner Thornton
Telling your spouse you want a divorce is not easy. Delivering hurtful news never is. It’s important to approach the conversation with a clear head and an open heart, even if you feel scared, sad or angry. Before having “the talk,” it’s important to prepare for what might happen afterward. Schedule a meeting with a divorce lawyer, who can advise you on your legal rights and next steps. In this blog post, our family law attorneys offer some tips on how to tell your spouse...
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Is Marriage Counseling Required During a Divorce in Texas?
19 November 2022 by Turner Thornton
Divorce is never ideal. After all, what couple anticipates their relationship failing? Unfortunately, divorce is often necessary when issues in the marriage can’t be resolved. And by the time one of the parties considers divorce, the chance that marriage counseling can save the relationship may have passed. Counseling, however, is often wise before making such a life-altering decision as divorce. And in Texas, a judge can actually order marriage counseling in divorce – albeit rare. In...
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What is a Family Law Pretrial Conference in Texas?
17 November 2022 by Turner Thornton
A pretrial conference in a Texas family law court is a common way to move along your case. Basically, it is meeting between the judge and opposing lawyers ahead of a trial. The purpose is to give the judge an understanding of the contested issues in the case and approximately how long the trial is expected to last. Both attorneys must be present at the pre-trial conference, but clients aren’t always required to attend. Family law pretrial conferences – sometimes referred to as pretrial hearings...
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Denied Child Visitation by Your Ex? Here's What To Do.
17 November 2022 by Turner Thornton
If your ex has denied you child visitation, you probably feel angry, frustrated, and helpless. What was supposed to be fun, quality time with your child has now become a source of stress and conflict. The good news is that you can take steps to enforce your visitation rights. In this blog post, we will discuss what happens if you are denied child visitation by your ex in Tarrant County and how you can access your child again. What is court-ordered child visitation in Texas? In Texas, a family court...
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Child Support Arrears in Texas
16 November 2022 by Turner Thornton
Raising children costs money, and both parents must share financial responsibility. That responsibility remains even if the parents are no longer a couple. And the obligation remains, in most cases, until the child turns 18. If your ex-spouse has stopped paying their court-ordered child support – or never started – you are entitled to retroactive child support. What Happens if My Ex Owes Back Child Support? Back child support, called arrears in legal terms, is any money that should have been...
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How to Change Your Name in Texas
16 November 2022 by Turner Thornton
Want to change your name or the name of your child? In this post, our family law attorneys explore the three most common types of name changes in Texas and explain the process for each. We also examine why a judge may reject a name change. Common Reasons for a Name Change There are three main reasons people seek name changes in Texas: A woman wants to return to her maiden name after divorce A parent wants to change their child’s name, often during a paternity or adoption case An adult...
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Getting Divorced from a Narcissist | Fort Worth Divorce Lawyer
01 November 2022 by Turner Thornton
Getting Divorced from a Narcissist | Fort Worth Divorce Lawyer breaks down what it means to get a divorce from someone who is a narcissist.
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