Hailey Klingbeil
09 January 2023 by Turner Thornton
Associate Attorney Hailey Klingbeil is an Associate at Varghese Summersett Family Law Group, where she is passionate about helping individuals and families navigate times of change and crisis. She has a deep understanding of the emotional and legal challenges that come with divorce, child custody disputes, property division, and other family matters. Hailey is committed to providing personalized attention to each client so she can understand their unique situation and tailor a strategy to achieve...
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Same Sex Divorce in Texas
09 January 2023 by Turner Thornton
Same-sex divorce in Texas is a complex process that can be emotionally and financially difficult for couples who have decided to end their marriage. While Texas has recognized same-sex marriage since 2015, it has a long history of banning and restricting these unions, which can create additional challenges for same-sex couples seeking to divorce. In this article, we will provide an overview of the laws and processes related to same sex divorce in Texas, as well as some tips for navigating this process. History...
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What is A Guardian Ad Litem in Texas Family Law Cases?
06 January 2023 by Turner Thornton
Hopefully, during divorce or child custody cases in Texas, both parents have their children’s best interests at heart. But sometimes, when there are bitter disagreements, the child is at risk of getting lost in the process. That’s where a guardian ad litem comes in. A guardian ad litem, also referred to as a GAL, is a court-appointed professional who advocates for a child during a family law case. Their sole responsibility is to represent the “best interests” of a child. In...
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Social Media in Divorce: Can My Posts Hurt My Case?
05 January 2023 by Turner Thornton
If you’re facing a divorce or child custody dispute, the last thing on your mind is what you’ve posted on Facebook or Twitter lately. But as the role of social media and the Internet continues to rise, so does its use as evidence in the courtroom. Here’s a look at the effects of social media in divorce cases in Texas. Attorneys don’t have to try very hard to access publicly available posts, including comments, images, and videos shared on social media sites. It’s usually at their fingertips...
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What is a Default Judgment in a Texas Divorce?
02 January 2023 by Turner Thornton
Divorce can be stressful for anyone. This is especially true for the person on the receiving end of divorce papers, especially if it was unexpected. Sometimes, they are so surprised by the dissolution of their marriage that they just ignore it. This can be problematic because the served spouse must respond to the divorce papers within a certain amount of time. If they don’t answer, the Texas Family Court can grant a default judgment and finalize the divorce without their say in the matter. A...
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Is everything split 50/50 in a divorce in Texas?
26 December 2022 by Turner Thornton
Is everything split 50/50 in a divorce in Texas? Learn more about asset division in a divorce in Texas.
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What Does Child Support Cover in Texas?
18 December 2022 by Turner Thornton
When a parent is ordered to pay child support, they often think they get a say in exactly how the money will be spent on the child. This is not the case. In Texas, the custodial parent basically has the discretion to use child support money as he or she sees fit, as long as the child’s basic needs are being met. Many wonder what does child support cover legally? In this article, our Fort Worth family law attorney explains the basics of child support in Texas. We’ll start by discussing...
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