Parental Alienation in Texas: What You Need to Know [2022]
14 April 2022 by Turner Thornton
In contentious child custody disputes, it’s not uncommon for one parent to try and turn their child against the other. It’s called parental alienation and, unfortunately, it’s a phenomenon we see far too often in the family law arena. In this article, we will discuss parental alienation in Texas and explain why this type of behavior is damaging to the child and can cause long-term emotional damage. What is parental alienation in Texas? Parental alienation, or Parental Alienation...
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Terminating Parental Rights in Texas: FAQ Answers [2022]
12 April 2022 by Turner Thornton
From time to time, clients ask us about terminating parental rights in Texas. Usually, it’s because the other parent is not involved in the child’s life or is exhibiting dangerous or abusive behavior. The first thing we tell clients is that terminating parental rights in Texas is not an easy process. It is an expensive process to attempt and it is usually not successful. Courts view termination of parental rights as a drastic step and are often hesitant to grant such a request because...
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Texas Standard Possession Order | 2023 Standard Possession Calendar
29 March 2022 by Turner Thornton
Note: If you are looking for the 2024 Standard Possession Calendar, go here. Child visitation can be one of the most contentious issues in divorce and custody cases. That’s why the Texas legislature created a visitation schedule – called the Standard Possession Order (SPO) – for parents to follow if they can’t come to a mutual agreement on possession times and days. The SPO is an order issued by the judge that spells out the days and times that the noncustodial parent has...
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Answer and counter petition for divorce [TX]
24 March 2022 by Turner Thornton
Being unexpectedly served with divorce papers can set off a flood of emotions –  anger, sadness, confusion. Most people have no idea what to do next. Do you just accept it –  or should you file paperwork of your own? In this article, we are going to discuss your options, including filing an answer and counter petition for divorce. My spouse served me divorce papers. Now what? If you have been served with divorce papers, you essentially have three choices: Do nothing. If...
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8 Pitfalls of Failing to Pay Child Support in Texas [2023]
24 March 2022 by Turner Thornton
If you are a parent who is struggling to make ends meet, you may be tempted to stop paying child support. This is a huge mistake. Not only could it damage your relationship with your child, but you could also face jail time and other negative consequences. In this blog post, we will discuss the eight biggest pitfalls of failing to pay child support in Texas (don’t miss #2). Please also take a moment to watch the informative videos from Turner Thornton, an experienced family law attorney at...
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Spring Break Visitation in Texas: Who Gets the Kids? [2024]
11 March 2022 by Turner Thornton
It’s Spring Break for many students in North Texas, a time for kiddos to refresh, reset and rejoice over a week with no school. But what does this school holiday mean for separated parents? Who gets the kids for spring break? If you have recently gone through a family law matter, you probably have some questions about spring break visitation in Texas. In this article, we are going to address those questions and hopefully clear up any confusion you may have so everyone can have a relaxing and enjoyable...
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Can a Child Pick Which Parent to Live with in Texas? [2023]
07 March 2022 by Turner Thornton
Child custody disputes can be extremely emotional for everyone involved. It’s not uncommon for a child, especially a teenager, to express a desire to live with one parent over the other. In Texas, a child is not allowed to unilaterally make that decision. However, there is a mechanism in place in which they can make their wishes known to the judge. In this article, we will discuss how a child’s custody preference factors into custody proceedings and answer some frequently asked questions about this...
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