Credit Score and Divorce: Credit Score During and After Divorce
01 November 2021 by Turner Thornton
With so many issues to deal with during a divorce, it’s easy to overlook what may be happening with your credit score. While getting divorced does not damage credit directly, the related financial issues that arise could affect a person’s credit. Credit Score and Divorce Although marital status is not a factor in calculating your credit score, there are a number of ways a divorce can impact it. 1. Missing Payments. One spouse may remain in the marital home, taking on a larger (or full) share of expenses....
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Dividing Cryptocurrency in Divorce
12 October 2021 by Turner Thornton
Cryptocurrency and Divorce A growing concern among couples getting divorced is whether one spouse has cryptocurrency, and if so, where is it stored and who gets it? Here’s what Texas divorcees need to know about cryptocurrency in divorce – and why it is such a gray area. Understanding Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency (bitcoin, ethereum, etc.) refers to digital currency that uses an online blockchain ledger to manage and reconcile transactions. Blockchain is just a fancy way of saying the...
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Serving Divorce Papers in Texas | What You Need to Know
01 October 2021 by Turner Thornton
Have you been served divorce papers? Do you need to serve divorce papers? Service of process, or service of citation, is legal notice that provides a spouse with notice that a divorce has been filed. Service is a necessary step in divorce unless the respondent has properly waived formal service. Service of divorce papers is governed by the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. In this article, our legal team explains the process of serving divorce papers in Texas. But first, please watch this informative...
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What Are a Father's Rights in Texas?
23 September 2021 by Turner Thornton
A father’s rights in Texas are laid out in the Family Code. There are a number of ways a man can be considered the father of a child. He may be presumed the father if he was married to the mother at the time the child was born. He can be determined the father through a paternity proceeding or can be legally recognized through an Acknowledgment of Paternity. He can also be an adoptive father. In many cases, fathers feel that mothers have almost total control when it comes to their children in...
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Grounds for Divorce in Texas
23 September 2021 by Turner Thornton
Texas is a “no-fault divorce state,” which means one spouse does not have to show the other did anything wrong in order to get a divorce. However, the Texas Family Code does lay out a number of specific grounds for divorce. In this article, we will discuss each ground for divorce in Texas: The marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict (“No Fault Divorce”) Cruelty Adultery Conviction of a Felony Abandonment Living Apart Confinement in a Mental Hospital What are the grounds...
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Temporary Orders in Divorce in Texas
20 September 2021 by Turner Thornton
What are Temporary Orders? Temporary Orders are preliminary orders in a divorce issued by a family court to establish or maintain who will stay in the marital residence and who will move out, who the children are staying with and when, who will pay child support, and what the visitation schedule will be. Why Do Courts Issue Temporary Orders The purpose of temporary orders is so the family can continue to function while the divorce is pending. Understandably, divorce is a tumultuous time for a family,...
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Mediation in Divorce
20 September 2021 by Turner Thornton
Nearly half of marriages end in divorce, and not all are adversarial or contentious. When possible, it is better for everyone involved to avoid heated arguments and constant fighting – especially when children are involved. While it is impossible to avoid a courtroom battle in some divorces, there are other cases where a couple might be able to work together to reach an amicable conclusion. Today more than ever before, couples consider mediation in divorce rather than litigation. What is Divorce...
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