18 Divorce Do's and Don'ts
18 September 2021 by Turner Thornton
List of Divorce Do’s and Don’ts Divorce is seldom easy. If you are considering a divorce, there are many things you should start thinking about now. Asset and property division, child custody and child support, and business-related concerns are just some of the issues that can come up during divorce proceedings. Historically, women do not fare as well financially in divorce proceedings (most of the time), so proper planning is especially important and can help mitigate financial worries. No matter...
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What is a SAPCR in Texas? Suit Affecting Parent Child Relationship
18 September 2021 by Turner Thornton
What is a SAPCR in Texas? In Texas family courts, you will often hear attorneys refer to a SAPCR (pronounced “Sap-sir), which is an acronym for a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship. A SAPCR is a legal request, or petition, filed in family court asking a judge to make orders about visitation, child support, child custody, and medical support for a child. SAPCRs are quite common in Texas family law courts, especially in cases where parents are not married and need to address issues...
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Divorce Modification and Post-Divorce Disputes
16 September 2021 by Turner Thornton
Divorce Modification and Post-Divorce Disputes After a divorce is finalized, you may find yourself back in court with your ex-spouse. If you agreed to a settlement, a child custody arrangement, or any other divorce-related agreement, you may need to modify or enforce the terms of your arrangement. Issues that come up after the divorce is finalized are often referred to as post-divorce disputes or post-divorce litigation. The Texas Family Code has an entire chapter – Chapter 9  –  dedicated to post-divorce...
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How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Texas?
16 September 2021 by Turner Thornton
Cost of divorce in Texas A recent USA Today article puts the average cost of divorce in Texas without children at $15,600, and the average cost of a divorce with children in Texas at $23,500 which puts Texas fifth in the nation on the list for most expensive divorces. Fortunately, the cost of a divorce is something the parties have a significant ability to control and some divorces can be finalized for much less than the state average. Conversely, as you plan your divorce, you may decide that spending...
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Anna Summersett
04 September 2021 by Turner Thornton
Partner Anna Summersett is a partner at Varghese Summersett Family Law Group, where she helps oversee the daily operations of the firm. A savvy attorney, businesswoman, and mother, Anna implements strategies to promote the firm’s mission and vision – guiding people through the toughest times of their lives. Family law deals with highly personal matters, such as divorce, child custody, and property division. Our team strives to minimize disruption to our client’s daily lives while achieving the best...
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Benson Varghese
02 September 2021 by Turner Thornton
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Bresha Shepherd
17 August 2021 by Turner Thornton
Office Manager Bresha Shepherd is the Office Manager for Varghese Summersett Family Law Group. She handles the day-to-day operations of the firm and ensures that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Bresha has excellent communication skills, adaptability, and patience, which is imperative when dealing with a fast-paced environment and highly emotive family law matters. She works with management on procedures, marketing, human resources, and billing – always with one goal in mind: Making...
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