Fort Worth Adoption Lawyer | Texas Adoptions
05 November 2018 by Benson Varghese
Adoption Adoptions are one of the most rewarding aspects of being a family lawyer. Adoptions can take many forms in Texas, including adoptions by stepparents or grandparents, private adoptions, agency adoptions, international adoptions, and even contested adoptions. Adoptions involve a number of legal questions regarding the rights of the adoptive parents, the rights of the biological parents, where the child is before and after the adoption is complete, as well as issues that arise when the child...
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Texas Alimony: Are You Entitled to Spousal Support?
29 October 2018 by Benson Varghese
Spousal support, spousal maintenance, and alimony are synonymous and interchangeable terms. “Spousal maintenance” is the term generally used in Texas courts, and all it means is money paid by one spouse to the other, usually on a monthly basis, after separation or divorce. Spousal support is not awarded in every case, however. To be eligible for alimony in Texas, certain qualifications must be met. Who is entitled to spousal support? The short answer is that it depends on the length of the marriage,...
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11 Experts Share their Best Advice for Adopting a Child
18 October 2018 by Benson Varghese
Adopting a Child Whether you are seeking to adopt, placing a child up for adoption, or facilitating an adoption, there is a lot at stake – mentally, emotionally and financially. Most of us know someone who has been adopted or friends or family members who have gone through the adoption process. Still, we wanted to learn more. So we went right to the source: people who have been through it. We asked everyone the same question: What is one thing you want people to know when it comes to adoption? Some...
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Who Gets the Pets in Divorce?
25 June 2018 by Benson Varghese
Pets and Divorce Most people consider pets part of the family, but the law does not take the same view. In Texas, pets are considered property. This means Spot and Fido are subject to the same laws regarding property division, including separate and community property. In other words, they fall in the same category as the house, furniture, cars, and jewelry. So who gets to keep the pets in divorce? Texas is a community property state with rules that mandate property must be divided in a “just and...
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How to get an annulment in Texas | VS Family Law Group
13 June 2018 by Benson Varghese
What is an annulment? An annulment is a way to end a marriage. In an annulment, a court confirms that at the time of marriage, the marriage was invalid. In other words, it is like the marriage never existed. Void and Voidable Marriages In Texas, an annulment may be granted to invalidate two different types of marriage: void and voidable marriages. Void Marriage Void marriages are those that were not legal from the start. Bigamy is an example of a void marriage. In such cases, one spouse was already...
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Child Custody in Texas | Fort Worth Child Custody Lawyer
03 June 2018 by Benson Varghese
Child Custody in TexasChild custody, also known as conservatorship, is the legal ability to make choices about a child’s life. These decisions could encompass where the child lives, where the child goes to school, and many other details about a child’s life.Types of Child Custody in TexasThere are a several types of conservatorship in Texas:Managing ConservatorA managing conservator is one that has the exclusive right to determine where a child lives.Possessory ConservatorA possessory conservator...
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Divorce with Kids - 17 Ways to Protect Your Children
30 May 2018 by Benson Varghese
Divorce is never easy for anyone. However, in a divorce with kids involved, matters become even more complicated. Kids often have a hard time understanding the separation, and may struggle with confusion, sadness, and even anger, You and your ex-spouse can do plenty to minimize the load on your kids’ shoulders, however. What follows are 17 tips that will help you get them through this tumultuous time with their emotional well-being intact. Here’s how: 1. Stay Positive. It’s safe to assume both parties...
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