Understanding Adoption Evaluations in Texas
29 August 2023 by Turner Thornton
Texas Adoption Evaluation Guide Adoption is a life-changing decision for both the child and the adopting family. In the state of Texas, the process is governed by the Texas Family Code and aims to ensure the best interests of the child. Before delving into the adoption evaluation process, it’s crucial to understand the types of adoption available, including private adoption, agency adoption, and adoption through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). Navigating...
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Intentional Underemployment in Texas Divorce [2023]
28 August 2023 by Turner Thornton
What is Intentional Underemployment in Texas Divorce? Intentional underemployment occurs when an individual deliberately reduces their income to avoid paying a higher amount of child or spousal support. Texas courts may impute income to an individual who is found to be intentionally underemployed or unemployed to ensure that child support payments are made according to the Texas Family Code guidelines. Imputation of Income in Texas Family Law Imputation of income, or imputed income, refers to...
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Forms of Discovery in a Family Law Case Texas
23 August 2023 by Turner Thornton
Forms of Discovery in Family Law Cases “Discovery” is a legal term that refers to the formal process by which parties in a lawsuit exchange information and evidence relevant to the case. In the context of Texas family law cases, discovery is used to gather information about a wide variety of issues such as income, property, children, debts, and any other issues relevant to the case. In this article, we will cover the forms of discovery in family law and divorce cases in Texas. The purpose...
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What Happens if Your Spouse Dies During Divorce in Texas [2023]
14 August 2023 by Turner Thornton
What Happens if Your Spouse Dies During Divorce in Texas? When a spouse dies during divorce proceedings in Texas, the divorce process is halted, and the case is typically dismissed. In such a scenario, the surviving spouse is considered a widow or widower, and the marriage is deemed legally valid until the moment of the deceased spouse’s death. Consequently, the deceased spouse’s estate will be subject to Texas probate law, which governs how property and assets are distributed after...
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Supervised Visitation in Texas: How it Works [2023]
09 August 2023 by Turner Thornton
When parents decide to separate or divorce, the underlying reasons can sometimes lead a judge to mandate supervised visitation for the non-custodial parent. The court’s primary concern is always the child’s safety and well-being. In this article, our experienced Fort Worth family law attorneys explain supervised visitation in Texas, when it is ordered, how it works, and whether a friend or family member can supervise visitation between a parent and a child. We also answer some frequently...
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How are Texas Parental Rights Affected by Drug Use? [2023]
07 August 2023 by Turner Thornton
Are Parental Rights Affected by Drug Use? Parental rights in Texas are a serious matter, and the state prioritizes the best interests of the child above all else. Drug use can indeed play a significant role in parental rights and child custody cases. In this article, we will discuss the possible outcomes for parents who engage in substance abuse, and when termination of parental rights may occur. If your parental rights are being threatened because of drug or alcohol accusations, or you are concerned...
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Co-Parenting Tips for Divorced Parents [2023]
31 July 2023 by Turner Thornton
Divorce can be challenging for everyone involved, but it’s crucial to try to maintain a healthy and stable environment for your children. As time goes on, both parents may enter into other relationships or remarry, creating blended families. That makes co-parenting all that more important. In this article, our experienced Fort Worth family law attorneys discuss co-parenting tips for divorced parents that can help create a positive and successful relationship for everyone. By working together,...
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