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Texas Community Property and Home Ownership
01 April 2023 by Turner Thornton
Is a House Purchased Before Marriage Considered Community Property in Texas? Texas follows community property laws during a divorce, which means that all assets and debts acquired during a marriage are divided equally between the spouses. However, property acquired before the marriage, also known as separate property, is not subject to division. Homeownership and community property laws in Texas can be complicated. If you are facing a divorce in Texas and have concerns about property division, such...
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Updating Your Will After Divorce in Texas (2023)
31 March 2023 by Turner Thornton
Updating Your Will After Divorce in Texas: What You Need to Know In Texas, a divorce can significantly impact the validity of a will. According to the Texas Estates Code § 123.001, divorce or annulment of a marriage revokes any provision in a will that relates to the former spouse. In other words, if your will includes provisions for your ex-spouse, those specific provisions are automatically revoked upon the finalization of your divorce. For example, if your will designated your ex-spouse as the...
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Adoption Process in Texas: What You Need to Know [2023]
23 March 2023 by Turner Thornton
Adoption is a beautiful journey that brings joy and forever homes to countless children. But the road to adoption in Texas can also be an emotional roller coaster. With so many twists and turns, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why it’s so important to have the right legal guidance. Whether you’re a stepparent, grandparent, or just someone with love to share understanding the adoption process in Texas is crucial. At Varghese Summersett, our experienced adoption attorneys can help...
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Emergency Custody Orders in Texas Family Cases
20 March 2023 by Benson Varghese
In Texas family law, emergency custody orders can play a critical role in ensuring the safety and well-being of children involved in a family dispute. Whether you are seeking to protect your own children or seeking custody of someone else’s children, it is important to understand the legal process for obtaining an emergency custody order in Texas. What is an Emergency Custody Order in Texas? An emergency custody order is a court order issued by a Texas judge that temporarily awards custody...
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Does it Matter Who Files for Divorce First in Texas? [2023]
20 March 2023 by Turner Thornton
If you absolutely, unequivocally know that your marriage is over, you may be wondering if you should file for divorce first – or wait for your spouse to make the first move. Legally, it doesn’t matter who files for divorce first in Texas, but there may be some advantages to one spouse striking first. In this article, we’ll explain the pros and cons of filing for divorce first in Texas and answer some frequently asked questions by divorce attorneys. Please also watch this informative...
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Do I Need the Co-Parent's Permission for Sports? [2023]
19 March 2023 by Turner Thornton
If you have kids, they’re undoubtedly going to get involved in sports or extracurricular activities at some point in their lives. But what if you’re divorced? Can you sign up your child up for, say, football or the flute without the co-parent’s permission in Texas? As with most things in family law, the answer is, “It depends.” More specifically, it depends on whether there is a court order in place that specifically addresses extracurricular activities. If there is...
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Why January and August are Popular Months for Divorce in Texas [2023]
19 March 2023 by Turner Thornton
If you’ve been considering divorce lately, you are not alone. January and February are popular months for divorce inquiries and filings in Texas. In fact, January has been dubbed “Divorce Month.” There are a number of reasons why people choose to wait until the beginning of the year to end their marriages. While the decision to divorce can be made at any time of year, there are certain months that see a higher number of divorce filings. In this article, we’ll explore the...
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