Taylor Brumbaugh
26 August 2021 by Turner Thornton
Client Relations Specialist Taylor Brumbaugh is the Client Relations Specialist at Varghese Summersett Family Law Group. Taylor is often the first person with whom clients come into contact and she has a natural ability to put them at ease and make them feel comfortable during a stressful time. In addition to being polite, patient, and positive, Taylor also possesses exceptional organizational skills. She is able to prioritize tasks, maximize efficiency and maintain structure, which keeps clients...
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Bresha Shepherd
17 August 2021 by Turner Thornton
Office Manager Bresha Shepherd is the Office Manager for Varghese Summersett Family Law Group. She handles the day-to-day operations of the firm and ensures that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Bresha has excellent communication skills, adaptability, and patience, which is imperative when dealing with a fast-paced environment and highly emotive family law matters. She works with management on procedures, marketing, human resources, and billing – always with one goal in mind: Making...
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Julie Lystad
13 August 2021 by Turner Thornton
Julie Lystad | Lead Paralegal Julie Lystad is the lead paralegal at Varghese Summersett Family Law Group. In addition to drafting motions, filing pleadings, maintaining calendars, and performing legal research, Julie also serves as a primary point of contact for clients. Much of her day is spent with clients or potential clients who are going through a divorce, child custody dispute, or similar emotionally charged family law matter. Patient, compassionate, and knowledgeable, Julie helps clients and...
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Anna Summersett
04 August 2021 by Turner Thornton
Partner Anna Summersett is a partner at Varghese Summersett Family Law Group, where she helps oversee the daily operations of the firm. A savvy attorney, businesswoman, and mother, Anna implements strategies to promote the firm’s mission and vision – guiding people through the toughest times of their lives. Family law deals with highly personal matters, such as divorce, child custody, and property division. Our team strives to minimize disruption to our client’s daily lives while achieving the best...
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J. Turner Thornton
03 August 2021 by Turner Thornton
Turner Thornton is a highly-regarded Fort Worth family law attorney who leads Varghese Summersett Family Law Group. A skilled negotiator and experienced litigator, Turner has successfully guided hundreds of individuals and families through the most tumultuous time of their lives.  Divorce, child custody disputes, and property division are among the most contentious and complex cases in the legal system. Turner understands the intricacies and complexities involved in family law and works strategically...
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Benson Varghese
02 August 2021 by Turner Thornton
Managing Partner Benson Varghese is the founder and managing partner of Varghese Summerset Family Law Group. Benson started a family law practice after establishing one of the largest and fastest-growing criminal defense firms in North Texas. Witnessing how often family law and criminal matters intersect, Benson decided to bring the two practices together under one roof to better serve our clients and the community. Like his criminal defense firm, Benson selected the best and brightest team to head...
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Common Law Marriage and Divorce in Texas
11 February 2019 by J. Turner Thornton
Common Law Marriage Most people in Texas know a couple who say something along the lines of, “We’ve lived together for so long, we are considered common law married.” But what exactly does that mean – and are they really considered married in the eyes of the law? Did you know that common law marriage is treated as an actual marriage in Texas – but there’s no such thing as common law divorce? Here’s an overview of common law marriage in Texas, including myths, misconceptions, and answers...
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