Sexless Marriage and Divorce in Texas
11 July 2023 by Benson Varghese
When to Walk Away from a Sexless Marriage A sexless marriage can be an extremely difficult place to be, and it is sometimes a juncture where divorce is contemplated. The lack of intimacy is not just physical, it affects emotional health, communication, expression, and even a person’s well-being. In this article, we will look at what is considered a sexless marriage and how the lack of sex may affect a divorce in Texas. We will look at sexless marriage and divorce, why some say it is time to walk...
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Role of Texas Attorney General in Child Support Cases [2023]
09 July 2023 by Turner Thornton
When a parent has issues with child support in Texas, they often turn to the Texas Attorney General’s Office for help. The Texas Attorney General is the state’s chief law enforcement officer and is responsible for establishing and enforcing child support orders and ensuring that parents are providing financial support for their children. In this article, we discuss the role of the Office of the Texas Attorney General in child support cases, what they will (and will not do), and the advantages...
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Divorcing a Mentally Ill Spouse in Texas: You Need to Know This
06 July 2023 by Turner Thornton
Divorce is difficult for everyone involved, but when a spouse is suffering from mental illness, it can be even more challenging. It’s important to understand how mental illness can affect divorce in Texas – emotionally, financially, and legally. Mental illness can cause significant problems in any marriage. The spouse with the mental health issue may have difficulty communicating effectively or maintaining relationships with their spouse, children, or other family members. They may experience...
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What if Both Spouses Want to Stay in Marital Home During Divorce? [2023]
05 July 2023 by Turner Thornton
The Texas Divorce Process and Staying in the Marital Home The marital home is often one of the most contested assets in a Texas divorce. Under Texas divorce laws, the marital home is usually considered community property and, therefore, subject to division.  But what if both spouses want to live in the marital home during divorce proceedings?  In this post, we’ll explain how the marital home is viewed under Texas law, your options if you and your spouse want to remain living in the marital...
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Child Custody Evaluations in Texas Explained [2023]
02 June 2023 by Turner Thornton
Child custody disputes can be difficult for everyone involved – the parents, the children, and sometimes, even the judge. When deciding which parent should be granted legal custody, Texas courts are required to consider the “best interest” of the child. But how does the judge get a full and impartial picture of both parents, their living situations, and the child’s need? Enter a child custody evaluator. In Texas, a judge can appoint a child custody evaluator (or the parties...
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Pro Se Divorce in Texas: Why You Really Need a Lawyer [2023]
25 May 2023 by Turner Thornton
In Texas, you do not have to have an attorney to get divorced. The law allows you to go “pro se,” which is a legal term that basically means you are representing yourself in divorce proceedings. But just because a DIY divorce is allowed, doesn’t mean it’s advisable. In fact, a pro se divorce in Texas can be incredibly complicated and problematic. In this article, our experienced Fort Worth family law attorneys explain pro se divorce in Texas, the process, and 5 reasons why...
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Divorcing an Alcoholic: A Comprehensive Guide
25 May 2023 by Benson Varghese
Understanding the Complexity of Divorcing an Alcoholic Divorcing a spouse who struggles with alcoholism is a complex process that requires careful consideration and planning. Alcoholism is a chronic disease characterized by an inability to control or quit drinking despite its negative effects on a person’s life. When one spouse in a marriage is an alcoholic, it can lead to a host of problems, including financial instability, emotional distress, and even physical harm. In a divorce, these issues...
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