Summer Visitation in Texas: When Do You Get the Kids? [2023]
23 May 2023 by Turner Thornton
Summer is a time for children to enjoy their school break, spend time with friends and family, and create lasting memories. However, for parents who are divorced or separated, summer can bring a new set of challenges, especially when it comes to child visitation in Texas. In this article, our Fort Worth family law attorneys discuss the standard summer visitation schedule in Texas, offer insights and tips for parents to navigate this process, and answer some frequently asked questions. Remember: the...
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What is an Adoption Evaluator in Texas? [2023]
16 May 2023 by Turner Thornton
If you have filed a petition to adopt a child in Texas, you will soon become acquainted with an “adoption evaluator.” This is an extremely important person in the adoption process because they have the ability to make or break a successful adoption. In this article, we will explain the role of an adoption evaluator in Texas, their impact on the adoption process, and answer some frequently asked questions about adoption evaluations in Texas. What is an Adoption Evaluator in Texas? An adoption...
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Tarrant County IV-D Court: What You Need to Know [2023]
19 April 2023 by Turner Thornton
If you live in Tarrant County and recently received a citation to appear in a Tarrant County IV-D Court – also known as “Child Support Court” – it’s important to take it extremely seriously. This means that the Texas Attorney General (OAG)  has filed a lawsuit due to a child support issue. In this article, our experienced child support lawyers will explain the role of an IV-D court in Tarrant County, how to prepare for court, and why it’s a good idea to have an...
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Appealing Property Division in Texas Divorce Case [2023]
13 April 2023 by Turner Thornton
Appealing Property Division in a Texas Divorce Going through a divorce is challenging, and sometimes, the division of property may not seem fair. If you are unhappy about the outcome of your case, there is a process in place that allows a party to appeal a decision in a family law case. However, it’s often an uphill challenge, mostly because appellate courts give broad discretion to trial courts when making decisions on the division of property and assets in divorce cases. In this article,...
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Role of Children in Custody Cases in Texas (2023)
07 April 2023 by Turner Thornton
The Role of Children in Texas Custody Cases As a family lawyer at Varghese Summersett, I often witness the impact of a child’s role in Texas custody cases. The involvement of a child in these cases can be a sensitive and complex issue. In this article, we will discuss the role of children in custody cases in Texas, the importance of the child’s preference, and the judge’s interaction with the child. If you have questions about the role of children in custody cases, contact the Family...
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Texas Community Property and Home Ownership
01 April 2023 by Turner Thornton
Is a House Purchased Before Marriage Considered Community Property in Texas? Texas follows community property laws during a divorce, which means that all assets and debts acquired during a marriage are divided equally between the spouses. However, property acquired before the marriage, also known as separate property, is not subject to division. Homeownership and community property laws in Texas can be complicated. If you are facing a divorce in Texas and have concerns about property division, such...
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Updating Your Will After Divorce in Texas (2023)
31 March 2023 by Turner Thornton
Updating Your Will After Divorce in Texas: What You Need to Know In Texas, a divorce can significantly impact the validity of a will. According to the Texas Estates Code § 123.001, divorce or annulment of a marriage revokes any provision in a will that relates to the former spouse. In other words, if your will includes provisions for your ex-spouse, those specific provisions are automatically revoked upon the finalization of your divorce. For example, if your will designated your ex-spouse as the...
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