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Tarrant County Family Court Location

Last Updated on January 22, 2023 by Benson Varghese

The Family Law Center in Tarrant County houses a number of family courts. They are spread across three floors.

The Family Law Center is located at 200 E Weatherford, Fort Worth, TX 76196.

On the first floor of the Tarrant County Family Courthouse, you will find the IV-D (pronounced “four D”) courts. These IV-D courts are created by statute to handle child support and paternity cases initiated by the Texas AG.

On the second floor of the Tarrant County Family Courthouse, you’ll find the Family Court Service / Domestic Relations Office. (Watch the video below to learn more about Family Court Services.) They assist with social studies, can assist with visitation, drug testing, and even mediation in some cases. The child support office is also on the second floor. 

On the third floor of the Tarrant County Family Courthouse, you’ll find the District Clerk who has records relating to resolved matters. You can get and pay for copies of documents here and even get certified copies of documents. 

On the fourth floor of the Tarrant County Family Courthouse, you will find the even-numbered courts – which are the 322nd, the 324th, and the 360th District Courts. Each court also has an Associate Judge and you’ll find the Associate Judges for each court on the same floor as the district court.

Associate judges handle a variety of matters including temporary orders, enforcements, preliminary matters, and even trials by consent. 

The Fifth Floor houses the odd-numbered courts, which are the 231st, the 233rd, and the 325th District Court. The associate judges for these courts and their courtrooms are on the fifth floor as well. 

There are also conference rooms on the fourth and fifth floors that can be used by the parties or attorneys. 


IV-D Courtrooms



IV-D Courtroom 1

(Judge Casey Conine)

IV-D Courtroom 2

(Judge Cherami J. Jenkins)


322nd District Court

(Judge Nancy L. Berger)

322nd Associate Court

(Judge James B. Munford)

324th District Court

(Judge Jerome S. Hennigan)

324th Associate Court

(Judge Beth A. Poulos)

360th District Court

(Judge Patricia B. Bennett)

360th Associate Court

(Judge Matthew Riek)


231st District Court

(Judge Jesus E. Nevarez, Jr.)

231st Associate Court

(Judge Lindsay D. DeVos)

233rd District Court

(Judge William Harris)

233rd Associate Court

(Judge Diane Haddock)

325th District Court

(Judge Judith G. Wells)

325th Associate Court

(no judge listed)

Parking for the Tarrant County Family Courthouse

There are parking meters around the courthouse that fill up rather quickly in the mornings. The same is true for the nearby parking garage (just east of the courthouse). So plan on being early. 

Also plan on getting there early enough to get through the line and metal detector. You will go through metal detectors so be sure not to bring knives or any other weapons. 

Divorce Filings in Tarrant County

Where to find documents relating to divorces in Tarrant County:

Tarrant County Family Law Center
200 E. Weatherford Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76196
Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., 817-884-1114

Turner Thornton

Turner Thornton

Turner Thornton is a well-known family law attorney in Fort Worth who leads the Varghese Summersett Family Law Group. Turner has successfully guided hundreds of individuals and families through the most trying period of their lives as a skilled negotiator and savvy litigator. Turner Thornton concentrates his practice on family law, including divorce, child custody, contempt, and modification cases. He is experienced in handling estates with significant and unique assets that can be difficult to value. He finds amicable resolutions where possible to conserve his client's resources, but knows how to take the gloves off if the situation calls for it. He has had remarkable results in and outside of the courtroom based largely on his ability and desire to understand his clients' needs and guide them on the pathway to what success looks like for them.

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